I am feeding regret into the shredder

Left at the Ruin,

August 2024 from

Terrapin Books 

These poems, these words, are quiet fires every one.

—Alberto Rios

This is a book that understands poetic power lies in ambiguity and not in moral certainty, and shows us the unique power of poetic language to help us understand ourselves.

—Mark Wunderlich

With powerful emotional concision, she explores, unabashedly, what it means to live.

—Andrea Hollander

From the Book


The Day You Miss Your Exit

The Gift That Arrives Broken

Winner of the 2010 Autumn House Poetry Prize

Things That Burn

Winner of the 2004 Agha Shahid Ali Poetry Prize, University of Utah

The Mythologies of Danger

Winner of the 1997 Bluestem Award and the 1998 Bay Area Book Reviewers Association Award


This is an art that is centered everywhere. It brought me closer to my own center, and it will bring you, whoever you are, closer too.

– Alicia Ostriker


Look at anything long enough to love it.

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